E-course “Scanning and identification. Rosgosstrakh”

Customer: Insurance company "Rosgosstrakh"

Target audience: agents and managers of insurance companies

The course objectives

  • To form the students' practical skills to operate the software package for scanning and recognition of documents
  • To introduce e- documents filling practice in preparing contracts, reports, statements, etc.
  • To introduce the rules of formation of the documents package 

We made the instructions for filling the forms in in line-by-line comments format to the interactive forms of reports, contracts, statements and other documents.

The skills of the correct documents filling are formed during practical exercises that offer the learner to fill in the application form by typing the numeric and alphabetic information into the empty fields.

We introduce the scanning and documents recognition complex in the form of demonstrations.

We developed the comments and tips which accompany the demonstration. That allows the learner to form a more complete idea of the program