Interactive training course "Transfers of legal entities in foreign currency "

Customer: JSC "Sberbank of Russia"

Target audience: JSC "Sberbank of Russia" staff

The mission

Mentoring means providing the learner with certain behaviours and further adjustment of their work through feedback. In other words, the mentor should not only convey the knowledge accumulated in the company and the norms of behavior accepted in it to their mentee, but also should uncover his mentee’s hidden potential and support the beginner’s initiatives, giving them the opportunity to feel sometimes as followers and in certain cases as leaders. Besides, mentoring should be mutually beneficial. Thus helping an inexperienced employee, the mentor gains the skills of effective personnel management.

In practice, often during the coaching process there arise some issues, both general and specific. Therefore, the main objective of the course  is to introduce all possible "pitfalls" of the knowledge transfer process to the Customer’s experienced employees and do it in a quite easy, clear and attractive form. "Mentoring" solves the key business issues and shows that the more successful initial training of a new employee is, the faster they will start working properly and the more comfortable and confident they will feel in their workplace. The qualification of the personnel and their promotions directly depend on the quality of knowledge transfer in the company.

Our solution

The study of the mentoring process required not only providing the user with the theoretical information on the subject, but also giving them an opportunity to apply the knowledge. That is why the theory and practice (in the form of exercises simulating real working situations) are closely interwoven into the course plot.Thus, according to the course plot, a Russian Post experienced employee receives a task from her supervisor to become a mentor for a newcomer. She is very anxious about the matter and tries her best to do the job.Advice from her beloved grandfather and documents and records from his archive help her a lot. The main topics of the course – from the presentation of the mentor’s role up to necessary practical skills - are shown through the interaction between the course leading character and her mentee. Two of especially introduced indicators "Mentor’s Progress” and “Beginner’s Comfort” are used to show how successfully the user passes the course.The transition from dialogue to a particular theoretical section is done by clicking on interactive elements designed in the form of various items around the mentor’s office.  

Great result!

What made the information clear? Each section of the theoretical part is filled with interactive elements, animated diagrams and graphics which involve all the major characters of the course. Special attention is given to intuitive and user-friendly presentation of theoretical material and to the attractive style of the course. From time to time, the main character of the course indicates some important issues in the mentoring process, the style of her speech is simple and pleasant. Cute cartoon characters and carefully drawn entourage of the dialogue scenes set the user on friendly perception of the received information.

How will the employee remember what they have studied? The knowledge received by the user is reinforced through passing the tests and doing the exercises. Testing (after each section and the final test at the end of the course) helps the learner to understand how well they have remembered the theoretical information and what needs to be revised. However, the test questions are not too complicated, and the answer options are sometimes even funny. The exercises simulate real working situations and require immediate feedback for the user.  Great result! The course developed by MMDC experts completely focuses on the Company’s goal and helps the user to understand the variety and complexity of the coaching process as well as trains them to be oriented in it to achieve effective business results.

The course objectives

  • To acquaint the learner with the basic rules of transfers of legal entities in foreign currency
  • To provide the knowledge on the basic requirements to consummate the transactions for their further automatic processing, including the restrictions imposed on such transfers and commissions involved 
  • To develop skills in correct preparing of transfers and recognition of the common mistakes during this procedure

Content sources

The course is designed on the base of a text document with the theoretical information, which was provided by the Customer. Our experts wrote the script, developed a unique course design and generated a set of test tasks for verification of the trainees’ knowledge.

Uniqueness of the course and its content

Considering the large scope of theoretical information with multiple digital indicators, our specialists have paid special attention to the quality of the methodological material processing. The perception of the educational material by the learner was simplified due to the material breakdown, font selection and highlighting of the important blocks as well as to converting of the information into the diagrams and tables formats. Our designers’ creative solutions made the learning enjoyable and the sequence of course - intuitive. Reference materials that we have incorporated into the course turned it into an indispensable everyday information guide for the employees of relevant Bank departments.

Practical exercises included into the course

We have implemented the check of knowledge using convenient and effective testing tool, an algorithm of which provides a possibility to record the test results of each employees into the Bank general database.

We have created a unique course design, which facilitates the learning process, making it enjoyable from an aesthetic point of view.

Each interactive element has tips thus making the interface simple and intuitive.

In order to intensify the visual channel of information perception and to involve the learners’ associative memory, we have included illustrations and highlighted important information in color and in bold.